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Case Studies

Case Studies

RMIT Hockey Club

RMIT was founded in the early 1970's by RMIT students. Since then the club has grown to five men's teams, four women's teams and a veterans team; catering for all levels of senior hockey. Last season RMIT had to find umpires for more than 100 games. The umpiring commitments tend to fall to the same people so it was decided that something needed to be initiated to have more accredited umpires around the club.

Last year the club received an Australian Sports Commission Women in Sport Leadership Grant with the aim of training nine women, three from each of their teams at the Beginner Umpire level. RMIT University matched the funding obtained to train three men from each of their teams (15 in total) and a coach from each team (eight).

The first round of sign-ups at RMIT for the accreditation programs was conducted in November 2007. While traditionally this is a lull-time for hockey, they reached their quota of 24 umpires and eight coaches. With the leftover funding RMIT plan to do another roll out in May 2008, when the hockey season is underway. Lyndal Reading from RMIT said “We have a couple of qualified umpires, but getting an umpires accreditation is not really promoted. This is our big chance to change the culture of the club and get more people trained.”

To encourage people who are a bit apprehensive about umpiring to sign up, RMIT offered them access to umpire mentors, to answer their questions and run with them for a few games if required. RMIT told the players that they were responsible for completing the online theory, quiz and organising their own assessments, but they obtain regular reminders and encouragement form club personnel along the way.

As a trade-off umpires are required to umpire three games during the winter season. Coaches are required to coach three games or run three training sessions and in return participants will receive Improved understanding of the game and the ability to anticipate developments in play and the “warm fuzzy” feeling you get for giving something back to your club, respect and awe of your team members and the grateful thanks of your captain.

If you would like to contact RMIT Hockey Club about this HockeyEd initiative, please email them on:






Stanthorpe Hockey Club

Stanthorpe Hockey Club, a member of Hockey Queensland has formed a hockey club as a direct result of their Hook in2 Hockey program.

Hockey was played in Stanthorpe around 35 years ago and will fortunately be played there once again. The demand for a new hockey club arose out of conversations between parents about the lack of sporting activities for girls in the area, and the distance required for children to travel if they wanted to play hockey.

From this initial beginning, volunteers have worked hard to fund, organise and promote the start of the new club by holding sausage sizzles, trivia nights, approaching local businesses for sponsorship and through numerous local paper articles to raise awareness. The local state school even offered the use of their grounds on a Saturday morning for their Hook in2 Hockey program.

Stanthorpe decided to run a Hook in2 Hockey program after hearing about the program through Toowoomba Hockey Association and then learnt more about Hook in2 Hockey through the Hockey Australia website. “We put articles in the local paper, flyers all around town and emailed the flyer to the Granite Belt cluster of schools to promote interest from school students through school newsletters” said Shannon Armbruster.

Stanthorpe received ongoing support from the Hockey Queensland Hin2H Coordinator and with the prompt supply of the kits from Just Hockey the program was a great success. “Parents loved the fact that they didn't have to worry about buying the equipment, and the initial outlay was a lot cheaper than other sports they had looked into”.

Following the success of the Hook in2 Hockey program that attracted 25 budding Hockeyroos and Kookaburras, the participants have been entered into the local indoor competition during the fourth school term. Stanthorpe have recruited these players as club members for the 2007 hockey season where they will be playing in the Warwick winter competition. They have also attracted enough interest to form a women’s team for next season and are excited about the clubs future.

One other idea the club has sensibly implemented is to set up a generic email address to ensure their club contact remains current, which is important with changing club personnel over time. If you would like to contact Stanthorpe Hockey Club about some of their great ideas, please email them on:

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