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Resources & Policies

This section contains a wide range of resources and information, including policies and publications, relevant to hockey clubs.

Australian Sports Commission (ASC)
The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is a statutory authority within the Australian Government’s Department of Health portfolio. The ASC is focused on getting more Australians participating and excelling in sport.

The ASC is Australia’s primary national sports administration and advisory agency, and the cornerstone of a wide-ranging sports system. On behalf of the Australian Government, the ASC plays a central leadership role in the development and operation of the Australian sports system, administering and funding innovative sport programs and providing leadership, coordination and support for the sport sector.    

Play by the Rules website is a comprehensive portal which provides the latest news, articles, events, tools and resources around safe, fair and inclusive sport. The site provides information on commonly occurring issues in sport, including what the law says about the matter, and provides practical ideas by your role (e.g., coach, official, player) about ‘what to do now’ and ‘what to do next’. There’s stuff on managing risks, dealing with complaints and template codes and policies for clubs to download and adapt for their own use. There’s also fact sheets, guides and links on where to get additional help.

Member Protection Policy

This Member Protection Policy aims to ensure that every person involved in our sport is treated with respect and dignity, and is safe and protected from abuse. This policy also ensures that everyone involved in hockey is aware of his or her legal and ethical rights and responsibilities.

The Member Protection Policy includes Child Protection, Images of Children, Anti-Discrimination & Harassment, Sexual Relationships, Pregnancy, Gender Identity, Alcohol, Smoking, Cyber Bullying and Social Networking Policies as well as Codes of behaviour.

Junior Hockey Policy
Hockey Australia’s Junior Hockey Policy (JHP) provides a set of guidelines designed to assist hockey clubs and associations by encouraging the provision of safe, enjoyable and accountable environments for everyone involved in junior hockey. Please Note: This is currently being reviewed and will be posted upon completion.

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) is a government statutory authority that is Australia's driving force for pure performance in sport.  ASADA's mission is to protect Australia's sporting integrity through the elimination of doping.  

ASADA offers a range of anti-doping education opportunities for individuals, clubs, schools, state and national sporting organisations. Most programs and resources are available free of charge. 

ASADA e-Learning
Pure Performance Online is a free and easy-to-use online education tool developed by ASADA. 

It provides everyone with the opportunity to learn about the key areas of anti-doping such as prohibited substances and methods, therapeutic use exemptions, doping control and whereabouts. Participants will build personal awareness of their anti-doping obligations as athletes or support personnel. The course is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (a high-speed internet connection is recommended).

Good Sports
The Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports program provides free support to community sporting clubs to change their culture and reduce high risk drinking. The Good Sports program works in communities to make sports clubs safe and healthy through the responsible management of alcohol. The three-level accreditation criteria provide alcohol management standards for clubs that serve and/or consume alcohol. Clubs move through the levels over a period of 3 – 5 years, maintaining all standards from previous levels as they progress. Good Sports’ major focus is to support sporting club committees progressively change the way alcohol is managed in all activities within the club’s grounds and associated functions.

Sports Medicine Australia is Australia’s peak national umbrella body for sports medicine and sports science, and is widely acknowledged overseas as the world’s leading multi-disciplinary sports medicine body.

Sports Medicine Australia is Australia’s peak advisory body on all medical and health issues for active people – from weekend enthusiasts of all ages through to elite level competition.

Sports Medicine Australia plays an active role in educating professionals and sports-minded community members and in assisting all active people to achieve optimal benefits from their exercise, activity and competition.

Fair go, Sport!

Research shows sport is a significant site of homophobic harassment, discrimination and exclusion.
The Australian Government report, The future of sport in Australia, identified the need to understand these issues and create new opportunities for inclusion and participation.

With this in mind, the Australian Sports Commission funded Fair go, sport! in 2010.

This project aimed to:

1. increase awareness of sexual and gender diversity
2. promote safe and inclusive environments
3. develop a flexible model of engagement that can be adapted for other sporting codes and their governing bodies.


Discrimination/child protection/criminal behaviour

Hockey Australia - Extreme Weather Guidelines
Hockey Australia has a responsibility to take a positive leadership role in educating and increasing the awareness of its participants towards the dangers of physical activity in the heat and during extreme weather conditions. With this in mind, the Hockey Australia Extreme Weather Guidelines have been developed which reinforce the guidelines produced by Sports Medicine Australia.