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Appointments and Achievements

Australia has produced some of the best hockey umpires and officials in the world.
This section highlights officiating appointments, opportunities and achievements within Australia and Internationally.




2013 International Appointments

2014 International Appointments

For all International FIH appointments, see here.


2013 Australian Championships

2014 Australian Championships

2015 Australian Championships

U13 Boy's (Darwin)
U13 Girl's (Sydney)
U15 Boy's (Hobart)
U15 Girl's (TBC, QLD)
U15 Boy's Indoor (Melbourne)
U15 Girl's Indoor (Melbourne)
U18 Men's Indoor (Melbourne)
U18 Women's Indoor (Melbourne)
U18 Men's (Melbourne)
U18 Women's (Adelaide)
U21 Men's (Canberra)
U21 Women's (Hobart)

U21 Men's Indoor (Canberra, to be played in December 2014)
U21 Women's Indoor (Canberra, to be played in December 2014) 
Open Men's Indoor (Canberra, to be played in December 2014)
Open Women's Indoor (Canberra, to be played in December 2014)
Country (Wollongong)
Masters Women (TBC, QLD)
Masters Men (TBC, SA)
Women's AHL (Sydney)
Men's AHL (Darwin)    


Australian Official of the Year

2013 is the eleventh year of Hockey Australia's Official of the Year being awarded.

To be eligible to win this award, nominees must meet the following criteria:

Must be currently actively officiating within Australia

Also officiating at national and/or international level

Met a high level of achievement during the twelve month period, by either;
      - Improvement / development
      - Achievement

Contribution to development of officiating in Australia – at club, regional, state or national level

Previous Winners       

Year        Male                       Female                          
 2003 Adam Kearns Jan Hadfield
 2004 Murray Grime Minka Woolley
 2005 David Gentles Julie Ashton-Lucy
 2006 Paul Ludwig Jan Hadfield
 2007 David Saunders Lisa Roach
 2008 David Gentles Minka Woolley
 2009 Dallas Riseley Julie Ashton-Lucy
 2010 Tim Pullman Lisa Roach
 2011 Murray Grime Mel Trivic
 2012 David Gentles Lisa Roach
 2013  ?  ?