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This section contains a wide range of resources including policies and information for everyone involved in hockey, especially officials & coaches.

Play the Whistle
Play the Whistle is an initiative to encourage competing hockey teams, team officials and spectator groups to play in the true spirit of the game. The spirit of the game encompasses demonstrating behaviours that are outlined in the codes of behaviour.

Codes of Behaviour
Hockey Australia’s Codes of Behaviour provides behavioural guidelines of acceptable conduct for everyone involved in hockey.

FIH Rules of Hockey Video Library

This is a joint project between the FIH Umpiring Committee and Hockey Rules Board. The objective of the Video Library is to provide a collection of video clips which demonstrate the Rules of Hockey and their current interpretations. Updated Regularly.

Umpire Manager Briefing 2013
Developed for Umpire Managers, umpire coordinators, umpires and players alike to aid understanding of the 2013 Rules of Hockey. Essential reading for all those attending a National Championship.

Selection Policy - National Championship Umpires

The Selection Policy provides selection guidelines for umpires to officiate at National Championships.

FIH International Umpire Fitness Training Manual

As a hockey umpire it is essential to have high levels of fitness in order to keep up with play and make correct umpiring decisions. This becomes particularly important during a tournament scenario where umpires may be involved in multiple matches over a short period of time with only minimal recovery between matches. This Fitness Training Manual is a useful resource for any umpire.

HA Umpire Manager/ Assistant Umpire Manager Duties and Responsibilities
Hockey Australia’s job description for Umpire Managers and Assistant Umpire Managers attending National Championships.

Umpire Manager

Assistant Umpire Manager