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Pitch Specifications

Hockey Pitch Specifications

Below is a guide to Installing Hockey Pitches and Facilities, Synthetic Pitch Requirements, Pitch Maintenance Guide, Lighting Guide, Goal Specifications and Guide to Indoor Facilities. This comprehensive information is courtesy of the International Hockey Federation.


1. Project Planning

2. Costing and Funding

3. Site Selection

4. Development Process and Procurement

5. Procurement and Contracting

6. Pitch Classification

7. Types of Pitch Surfaces

8. Pitch Maintenance

9. Pitch Irrigation

10. Floodlighting

11. Pitch Testing

12. Pitch Furniture

13. Pitch Surrounds and Spectator Facilities

14. Clubhouse and Facilities

15. Event Facilities

16. Future Planning and Maintenance

Annex A - Other Information


If these guides don't answer your hockey pitch questions, please read through the Frequently Asked Questions. Click Here