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Hockey Australia Country Teams

Since the inception of annual Australian Country Championships, representative ‘teams’ have been named at the conclusion of the event and in the ‘early years’ completed a tour on a biennial basis. Since 2003 the process has become more formalised with men’s and women’s teams being formally selected, announced and scheduled for a representative tour.

Initially, these teams competed in the biennial Arafura Games and, in the intervening year, toured internationally - New Zealand (2004) and Fiji (2006). Following the 2007 Arafura Games, Hockey Australia determined that an international tour would replace the Arafura Games, providing country hockey players with the opportunity to tour internationally each year.

Self-funded (assisted by whatever sponsorship we are able to attract) these tours provide Country players with a unique opportunity to represent Australian Country Hockey internationally. Positions within the teams are eagerly sought after and valued by those who earn them. As national Country representatives the players and teams staff attract acknowledgment from their peers and domestic associations who share in their achievements. In addition to players, the country teams also provide a unique opportunity to coaches, managers, medical staff, statisticians and umpires.

In 2008 the Australian teams toured Singapore, competing successfully against the Singapore men’s and women’s national teams. Later in 2008, Australian Country teams fulfilled Hockey Australia’s obligation to Oceania Hockey by representing Australia at the inaugural Pacific Cup in Fiji. Following that initial involvement in Oceania and in keeping with plans to provide a pathway for country players, Under 21 teams have been selected to fulfil that commitment. At the Australian Country Championships there are now four country teams selected Senior and U21 for both men and women.

With the introduction of the World League competition, the Oceania Pacific Cup has become a Round 1 biennial event (Australian and New Zealand progress automatically to Round 2) at which the country U21 teams compete and in the ‘off year’ compete in an international event scheduled in Fiji thus maintaining the development role in the region.

Since 2008 the senior country teams have toured internationally to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, New Zealand competing in a variety of events and games against various national teams. In 2017 it is planned that the teams will introduce Vietnam into their schedule.

Nominations for these teams are called for prior to the Championships and a rigorous and transparent selection process is undertaken during the Championships to ensure quality representative teams are selected. The teams are announced as part of the presentation ceremony at the conclusion of the Championships.

Squads are nominated and selected from the Country Australian Championships each year. The 2016/17 squads will be selected at the 2016 Australian Country Championships in Darwin in July 2016. The squads will be announced at the Medal Presentation Ceremony on Sunday 31 July 2016 and will be available here on Monday 1 August 2016.

Previously selected squads:

Australian Country Squads 2015/2016

Senior Men
Christopher Mantell, QLD
Jared Klease, QLD
Nathan Case, QLD
Matt Cornwall, VIC
Nathan Doherty, QLD
Chris Fazel, ADF
Aaron Head, NSW
Ben Henderson, VIC
Nicholas Hill, ADF
Alexander Mackay, NSW
Samuel Mould, NSW
Dean Robertson, NSW
Cale Rout, VIC
Bradley Staphorst, WA
James Van Der Schyffe, NSW
Ewan Wallin, VIC
Chris Whitehall, NSW
Luke Witchard, NSW

Coaching staff
Robert Laffin, Coach
Lyndon Stoll, Manager
Nathan Hooper, Assistant Coach
Simon Thresher, Umpire

  Senior Women
Kimberley McLean, NSW
Casey Bayliss, NSW
Chrissee Benn, QLD
Sam Daly, VIC
Cara Disint, VIC
Aimee Griffiths, QLD
Tenille Harrington, WA
Jessie Johnson, VIC
Tracey Johnson, VIC
Katie-Jayne Kelly, SA
Vanessa Kristaly, NSW
Georgetta Porvis, WA
Sara Rogers, QLD
Amanda Ross, QLD
Ellen Seaniger, ADF
Amy Smith, ADF
Holli Wheeler, NSW
Emily Woods, QLD

Coaching staff
Brett Stokes, Coach
Vicki McAllister, Manager
Chantelle Pink, Physio
Jodie Paine, Assistant Coach
Aleisha Williams, Umpire

  U21 Men
Justin Alford, NSW
Patrick Barnes, QLD
Josh Baxter, QLD
Dylan Bean, WA
Jack Chadwick, VIC
Craig Conn, VIC
Edwin Hamill, QLD
William Jackson VIC
Joshua Mccrae, Qld
Nathan Mitchell, NSW 
Aaron O'beirne, QLD
Jay Pavitt, QLD
Joe Plumb, NSW
Christian Ramsay, QLD
Jack Rowe, NSW
Lachlan Sinclair, QLD
Kieran Symons, VIC
Luke Thorncraft, NSW

Coaching staff

Jai Singhota, Coach
Brian Wild, Manager
Nathan Chambers, Umpire
Jordan Rance, Umpire
Ron Fairhall, Video

  U21 Women
Kelly Baker, NSW
Lucy Balfour, QLD
Claire Bosman, NSW
Rita Boyd, QLD
Emma Corcoran, NSW
Caitlin Day, QLD
Emma Fleay, WA
Chelsea Hird, VIC
Hanna Kingsmill, SA
Jessie Luchetti, NSW
Ashleigh Mayo, NSW
Courtney Pearson, VIC
Madison Smith, NSW
Alison Stock, ADF
Jessica Switzer, QLD
Mikaela Truskinger, QLD
Sarah Watterson, NSW
Emily Williams, NSW

Coaching staff
Wayne Gaynor, Coach
Tricia Ryan, Manager
Kate Cook, Umpire