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Welcome to the revolutioniseSPORT Resource Page

Hockey Australia are proud to have revolutioniseSPORT as a our Online Sports Management Provider.

This page is dedicated to supporting our community in the utilisation of revolustioniseSPORT, providing tools, tips and resources on how to best utilise the platform.

Community Training Modules

Below you will find 3 training videos on the use of revolutioniseSPORT. These videos have been created in 3 teirs, to support community members with where they are at in relation to their level of use, of the platform.


Users will be required to enter their details to access the videos. Please note that revolutioniseSPORT will be undergoing visual updates from April 2023 - July 2023. Your experience on the platform may look different to what is presented in these videos. Hockey Australia assures users that the process outlined in the above videos are still valid in the new-look platform.

Additional Videos

Check out some of our additional support videos below.

Team Official Access & Results Entry

Competitions Set-Up & Settings

Community Training - Advanced

For further support on the use of the revolutioniseSPORT platform, the community can submit a ticket within their admin profile in the top right hand corner of the screen, or alternively email us at