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Registration and Insurance


Hockey Australia and its Member State and Territory Associations have an agreement with revolutioniseSPORT to be the exclusive national database provider. The complete suite of revolutioniseSPORT tools are available for all clubs to utilise, with the key modules being Membership (for membership registration and payment), Website (for free club and association websites) and Competitions (for competition management by local and state associations). Players should register via their club’s website or contact their club registrar for more information. It is mandatory that the HA Levy and state levies are to be paid at the point of registration in revolutioniseSPORT. Details of how your membership information is collected and used at state and national level will be outlined during the registration process. Most clubs will offer the option to pay their club subscriptions online at the same time as registration. Check with your club as to whether this functionality has been enabled.


Registered players, officials, and volunteers will be covered by the National Hockey Insurance Program. The program ensures that all registered participants have a minimum level of insurance protection before they take to the pitch. Honan are the national insurance broker and details of the insurance cover, the claims portal and certificates of currency can be found on their hockey-specific website,

The website also contains information on how to upgrade your personal level of cover should you wish to purchase additional insurance on top of what is already provided by your state association.

Learn more about personal injury insurance available through Honan.

Personal injury insurance flyer

Travel Insurance

Hockey Australia carries travel insurance for all major national teams (senior, junior, indoor, country and masters), as well as staff, directors, officials and volunteers representing the organisation. Details of this policy can be obtained by emailing Karen Townsend, National Finance Manager at

Please note that Hockey Australia has a comprehensive policy for the review and approval of international travel for its National Teams and that all trips must be explicitly approved by the Chief Executive Officer. Details of the International Travel policy can be found under the Policies and Resources section of the HA website.