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Facilities Information Hub

The future success of hockey in Australia has taken a significant leap forward with the establishment of a world standard national Facilities Information Hub for the sport.

The Hub is a one-stop shop for Hockey facilities – from lobbying to construction and everything in between – in one centralised location.

With clear, concise and user-friendly resource guides available to digest and download, the Hub is aimed at assisting Australia’s legion of hockey volunteers, clubs, venues and communities across the nation with every aspect of facilities.

The Facility Resource Guides are as follows:

The Hockey Revolution

Hockey 5's Courts

Turf & Field Standards

Building Hockey Fields

Hockey Field Equipment

Hockey Field Irrigation

Lighting for Hockey Fields

FIH Facilities Guidance Resources

A key role of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) is to ensure high quality, sustainable hockey facilities are provided for all levels and forms of the game.

This is done by establishing quality and performance standards and publishing facilities guidance documents. The current editions have been developed in consultation with national associations and members of the FIH Quality Programme.

  Hockey Turf & Field Standards
Addendum 01
Requirements for Dry (non-irrigated) Turfs



Sport England - Change Rooms and Club House Guide

Sport England's design principles can help you make sure your facility looks great and functions well to help attract new members and retain existing ones. They also ensure your facility benefits all users regardless of gender, age or other characteristics. The best examples of a thriving club are those that make a continuous, conscious effort to design, manage, operate and maintain their facilities.



Shine On is a proud, highly respected and regarded Australian company who are specialists in their field.
Shine On has developed a comprehensive range of LED sports lights that considers the differing needs of each sport, size of its facilities and usage all with efficiency, sustainability and environmental consideration at its core.

Sports Lighting Brochure

To connect with Shine On, contact Rhys Birks | +61 432 778 893

One of the world’s largest synthetic turf manufacturers in the world, TigerTurf started in New Zealand in 1981 and has been instrumental in developing products and systems that result in top performing surfaces.

Company Profile

To connect with TigerTurf, contact Nick Kerr | +61 429 501 787

Environment and Sustainability Resources

Additional resources when considering a new facility or upgrade to a current one.

Smart Guide Vol. 1 - Surfaces and Standards

Smart Guide Vol.3 - Environmental and Sustainability Considerations

Smart Guide Vol. 4 - Challenges, Perceptions and Reality

Smart Guide Vol. 7 - Microplastics

FIH Sustainability Strategy