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HockeyNet is Hockey Australia's national membership and competition management system. Developed in partnership with IMG Sports Technology Group (STG), HockeyNet provides the hockey community with a variety of tools to facilitate administrative functions at national, state, association and club level, along with providing every individual participant with access to the system to view and maintain their personal details, and pay for services offered by hockey at every level. The key features to HockeyNet include:


  The official registration portal of Hockey Australia and it's member states, associations and clubs, MemberDesq gives your members the convenience of managing their membership payments online and gives back to your club its valuable administrative resources.
If you play hockey in Australia, SportsDesq will provide you with your fixtures and results at the simple click of a button. Manage competition results, ladder generation and player statistics in real time from any computer or smartphone web browser.
SiteDesq provides provides clubs and associations affiliated with Hockey Australia access to a FREE website. Seamlessly integrated with every other module in the IMG-STG product suite, SiteDesq allows for easy and unrestricted access to your content with a clean skin (no advertising) solution.
HelpDesq is a comprehensive knowledge base which provides every system user with a comprehensive set of reading material and webinars (online video tutorials) to assist with your queries.

I am a club, how do I get access to the system?
Each club should have received a master login/password for the new HockeyNet system from their state super user before the end of February 2013. If your club has not received your login/password details, please contact your state or regional association for access details.

I am a player, how do I register?
Players can register online via their respective state membership portal, or if their club has set it up, via a club portal through their club website. Please consult your club to determine the best method to register online, and to identify if online payments have been enabled.

I need help, how do I get started?

IMG-STG have provided the following getting started guides for various aspects of the new HockeyNet system. These guides provide a great starting point for players, clubs and competition administrators when using these tools for the first time.


 Welcome Document (updated Jan 2013)
 SportsDesq - Set Up (updated Mar 2013)
 Club Finder (updated Feb 2013)  SportsDesq - Creating a Competition (updated Mar 2013)
 Dual Registration (updated Feb 2013)  SportsDesq - Team Admin (updated Jun 2013)
 HookIn2Hockey (updated Feb 2013)  SportsDesq - Fixture Grid (updated Mar 2013)
 Club Wesbite FAQ (updated Jan 2013) SportsDesq - Fixture Templates (updated Aug 2013)
  OneSport Subscripton Upload Template

Updated Jan 19 2014
IMPORTANT: New update on January 19 incorporating additional member types and pricing.


I have read the getting started guides, but am still having problems, who do I ask for support?
IMG-STG offer a comprehensive knowledge base on their HelpDesq support website Support tabs are available on most administration screens within the system console, enabling you to seek answers via the knowledgebase, or ask questions of their highly skilled support team.

Where can I view online tutorials on selected system functionality?
IMG-STG offer a number of online web tutorials (webinars) for certain key elements of the system, namely SportsDesq and MemberDesq. We will continually update this portal with the latest training materials, with new webinar releases announced via the noticeboard on the administration console.

SportsDesq (Basic Set Up)

SportsDesq (Competition Set Up)

SportsDesq (Entering Results)