Hockey at Home Clinics

Learn the skills of the game from the world’s best! Kookaburras and Hockeyroos share their expertise and break down how to execute key skills and techniques. New videos are released each Monday at 7pm AEST.

1. 3D skills and body feints with Tom Craig

Tom Craig takes you through the techniques involved in jinking the ball into space, as well as a simple visualisation method you can do at any time without the need for a stick or ball.


2. ‘Double drag’ with Matthew Swann

In this #HockeyAtHome Clinic on a backyard deck he built himself, Kookaburras defender Matt Swann takes us through one of his favourite moves, the ‘double drag’.


3. Shooting techniques with Jacob Anderson

In this #HockeyAtHome Clinic, Kookaburras forward Jacob ‘Boccy’ Anderson illustrates three different shots, the technique behind each one & how they can all be effective.


4. Stick saves with Tyler Lovell

In this #HockeyAtHome Clinic, Kookaburras goalkeeper Tyler Lovell demonstrates two simple but effective game simulation drills that can help to improve your hand eye coordination & alertness.


5. Eliminating defenders with Amy Lawton

Check out this quality #HockeyAtHome Clinic from 18 year old Hockeyroo Amy Lawton who explains and demonstrates some drills you can do to eliminate defenders.


6. Jab tackles with Josh Beltz

If you’ve got a spare 40 seconds then you’ve got time for today’s #HockeyAtHome Clinic with Kookaburras defender Josh Beltz who has a simple drill on jab tackling.


7. Tomahawks with Rosie Malone

Who doesn’t love a quality tomahawk! Hockeyroos forward Rosie Malone demonstrates how to execute and practice one of her favourite skills in this special #HockeyAtHome Clinic.