Hockey Health and Wellbeing

These are challenging times for everybody, and it is important to take time to look after ourselves physically and mentally. Every Friday, learn about topics including nutrition, mindfulness, maintaining focus, and more.

1. Health & Wellbeing with Holly Walters

The first edition aptly features Hockey Australia’s Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement Manager Holly Walters who shares some things she has implemented to help her get through her days staying at home due to #COVID-19. We hope you find them helpful.


2. Health & Wellbeing with Sophie Taylor

Join Hockeyroo and qualified physiotherapist Sophie Taylor for a Good Friday #HockeyAtHome stretching session that will have you feeling a lot better for it.


3. Health & Wellbeing with Sophie Taylor (Part 2)

Hockeyroo & qualified physio Sophie Taylor is back! Today it’s all about stretching & strengthening those glutes.


4. Health & Wellbeing with Terreen Stenvers

This #HockeyatHome Health & Wellbeing comes from Hockeyroos & Kookaburras Nutritionist Terreen Stenvers as she touches on foods the athletes are currently focusing on.


5. Health & Wellbeing with Sophie Taylor (Part 3)

Resident physio and Hockeyroos Sophie Taylor is back with a couple of Pilates exercises to help strengthen your core (tummy muscles) that will make you feel cherry ripe for the weekend.


6. Health & Wellbeing with Laura Barden

What could possibly be better for your #HockeyAtHome well-being than by following Hockeyroos and resident chef Laura Barden’s ‘perfect’ raspberry & white chocolate muffin recipe just in time for Mother's Day.