Keep Hockey Fit

Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean that your fitness has to suffer. Learn how to keep yourself active from home with these videos from our elite athletes and support staff. New videos each Wednesday.

1. Backyard workout with Karri McMahon

The first of our ‘Keep Hockey Fit’ segments features a high octane workout by Hockeyroos defender Karri McMahon you can do in your front or backyard that is certain to get the heart rate up. Enjoy!

2. Lower body & balance workout with Dave Veli

Hockeyroos Strength & Conditioning Coach Dave Veli demonstrates two exercises you can do at home to improve your balance & lower body strength.

3. Weights with Nathan Ephraums

Get a glimpse of Kookaburras forward Nathan Ephraums going through a #HockeyAtHome strong room session. If you don't have a bench or weights at home - bricks or a bag of books could do the trick.

4. Speed & running technique with Dave Veli

Hockeyroos Strength & Conditioning Coach Dave Veli is back to show you three drills you can do at home to improve your speed and running technique on the hockey field.

5. Indoor workout with Grace Stewart

Clear some room and join Hockeyroo Grace Stewart as she takes you through a quick #HockeyAtHome workout (you don’t need any equipment).

6. Exercises with Steve Allan & Maddy Fitzpatrick

Hockeyroos and West Coast Health and High Performance Physiotherapist Steve Allan has devised some #HockeyAtHome specific exercises you can do, whether you play at the grassroots or the elite level.

7. Restricted training with Renee Taylor

Time for a dose of #HockeyatHome fitness! Have a go at one of Hockeyroo Renee Taylor’s workouts, tailor made for anyone who can’t run at the moment.

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