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Australian Indoor Teams

Australia competes internationally in indoor hockey with Australian men’s and women’s indoor teams undertaking a tour annually. Every four years, Australia competes in the FIH Indoor World Cup.

The Australian national indoor teams are nominated and selected from the indoor Australian Championships.

This page contains information and links concerning selections and forthcoming international tournaments.

National Indoor Selection & Appeals Policy 2024

Men's Program Women's Program
Head Coach: Brett Herrington Head Coach: Lauren Austin
Assistant Coach: Nathan Dart

Assistant Coach: Emma McLeish


Open Men's Squad   Open Women's Squad
  First Name Last Name State     First Name Last Name State
1 Brendan Hill ACT   1 Evelyn Dalton TAS
2 Edward Arnold VIC   2 Elizabeth Duguid WA
3 Dominic  Cain WA   3 Tegan Neowhouse NSW
4 Ben Rennie WA   4 Emily Whitheyman-Crump QLD
5 Jake Staines ACT   5 Erin Burns NSW
6 Josh  Gregory NSW   6 Tegan Boucher VIC
7 Tim Deavin TAS   7 Jamie Zimmerman VIC
8 James Knee VIC   8 Ella Du Preez WA
9 Ryan Pace WA   9 Taylor Thomson ACT
10 Mitchell Pace WA   10 Caitlin Burns NSW
11 Connor Tuddenham ACT   11 Jessica Moffat QLD
12 Heath Ogilvie NSW   12 Annelyse Tevant QLD
13 Andrew Scanlon VIC   13 Kesley Hughes NSW
14 Scott Govers NSW   14 Kaitlyn Lee NSW
15 Aiden  Dooley ACT   15 Helena Tobbe NSW
16 Thomas Miotto NSW   16 Ella White QLD
17 Cooper Cabot QLD   17 Samantha Economos ACT
18 Garry Backhus ACT   18 Brooke Welsh NSW
19 Jeremey Edwards TAS   19 Emma Reid WA
20 Xavier Harrington VIC   20 Emma Scriven NSW
21 Luke Randle QLD   21 Helen Legge ACT
22 Heath McDonald VIC   22 Jessica Brennan  VIC
23 Callum  Mackay NSW   23 Shanae Wardrope WA
24 Matthew Hotchkis ACT   24 Laura Monterosso ACT
Reserve BJ Bruton NSW   Reserve Emma Leighton VIC
Reserve Julius Gottstein VIC   Reserve Kayla O'Sulivan WA
Reserve Noah  Erdeljac VIC   Reserve Eden Jackat QLD
Reserve Zac Profke QLD   Reserve Holly Gilbar QLD
Reserve Tom Keating WA   Reserve Litiana Field NSW
Men's Development Squad   Women's Development Squad
  First Name Last Name State     First Name Last Name State
1 Cooper Cabot QLD   1 Emma Baxter ACT
2 Jett Leong ACT   2 Laura Monterosso ACT
3 Jesse Absolom ACT   3 Madeline Dooley ACT
4 Lachlan Cope NSW   4 Zali Gough QLD
5 Toby Dreyer NSW   5 Andie Staples QLD
6 Remy Newstead VIC   6 Amity Humphries QLD
7 Samuel Aitkenhead QLD   7 Alexandria Risetto QLD
8 Brayden Naess QLD   8 Evie Stansby VIC
9 Angus Hendry VIC   9 Jemma Ryan VIC
10 Oliver Marshal VIC   10 Madison Clark WA
11 Julius Gottstein VIC   11 Lucy Cooper WA
12 Tom Keating WA   12 Chloe Barton ACT
13 Mitchel McGrath WA   13 Imogen Dorsett ACT
14 Cameron Pell WA   14 Andie Griffin QLD
15 Eddie Westcott QLD   15 Lauren Deldot QLD
16 Samuel McGregor ACT   16 Caitlin McKay QLD
17 Jai Cass QLD   17 Layla Riley NSW
18 Corey O'Neil VIC   18 Georgia Staines ACT
19 Tyler McCan NSW   19 Imogen Fowles NSW
20 Ryan Simpson NSW   20 Matisse Daniel VIC
21 Beau  Milburn QLD   21 Monique Formilan WA
22 Hunter Banyard WA   22 Aureline Pywell VIC
23 Dylan Simmons NSW   23 Jessica Speechley ACT
24 Isaac Nobel VIC   24 Madyson Jones QLD
Reserve Samuel Carr NSW   Reserve Georgie  Dobbs QLD
Reserve Hayden Mellifont QLD   Reserve Chloe Forbes WA
Reserve Riley Profke QLD   Reserve Abby Ryan VIC
Reserve Lachlan Paice VIC   Reserve Asha Newstead VIC
Reserve Fin Hegyi ACT   Reserve Annie Burgess ACT
          Reserve Niamh Blake ACT
Men's Junior Squad   Women's Junior Squad
  First Name Last Name State     First Name Last Name State
1 Kurt Walters NSW   1 Heidi Myburgh QLD
2 Haiden Mellifont QLD   2 Sophie Hammond QLD
3 Coady Stone NSW   3 Sophia Papantoniou QLD
4 Ethan Brooks NSW   4 Elise Condon QLD
5 Henry Jones NSW   5 Bree Pendrigh QLD
6 Kaleb Mayfield QLD   6 Ella Croxall VIC
7 Harry Bradbury VIC   7 Amelia Dethridge VIC
8 Jonathan Spincer VIC   8 Lulu Olesen VIC
9 George Papadopolous VIC   9 Jemma Murray NSW
10 Aiden Hellyer ACT   10 Ziggy Leong NSW
11 Jacob Woods WA   11 Eloise Trueman NSW
12 Ryan Dooley ACT   12 Sienna Joubert WA
13 Kade Leigh VIC   13 Kate Thomas WA
14 Frederick Waters VIC   14 Sophie Bolton ACT
15 Levi Bartlett QLD   15 Jayla Wheatley QLD
16 Samuel Riggs QLD   16 Madelyn Dobbs QLD
17 Jacob WIlson QLD   17 Jessica Speechley ACT
18 Cooper Tummon QLD   18 Hayley Fisher ACT
19 Hayden Davey TAS   19 Bobbie Hamlet QLD
20 Blake Stuart WA   20 Gemma Mattrow VIC
21 Travis King WA   21 TBC
22 Quintyn Laskey-Vella QLD   22 TBC
23 Cameron Brick ACT   23 TBC
24 William Dixon TAS   24 TBC
Reserve Lachlan  Davies QLD   Reserve Bailey Wallace VIC
Reserve Jack Kruger WA   Reserve Georgia Taylor VIC
Reserve Henry Jones NSW   Reserve Riley (Pip) Constable NSW
Reserve Blake Dooley ACT   Reserve Chloe White TAS
Reserve Jordan Donald QLD   Reserve Claire McIvor QLD
Reserve Jack Kearines QLD