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This page is dedicated to supporting the community in understanding the new HockeyEd Framework and the new Accreditation Process.

If you are wanting to access the new HockeyEd Platform, check out the get started guide via the link below:

Click on the below tabs to learn more about each respective area of HockeyEd.


Hockey Australia refers to all its educational opportunities in the new HockeyEd Framework as Accreditations.

Accreditations are made up of multiple different components, with some of our Foundation Level Accreditations being comprised of Courses & Assessments. Then our higher level Accreditations are comprised of Courses, Workshops and Assessments.

All of Hockey Australia's Accreditations are assessed on a competency basis.

Hockey Australia believes that learning is an ongoing journey and that our community have a right to access learning opportunities across all aspects of our game.

The below graphic outlines the HockeyEd Learning Journey.

Hockey Australia is proud to have partnered with etrainu, our new Learning Management System provider.

etrainu allows for the Australian Hockey Community to engage with learning anytime, by having all of our Accreditations accessible online.

With this partnership, comes a direct integration with our National Registration System, revolutioniseSPORT. What this means is that participants can log into their HockeyEd account using their revolutioniseSPORT member details.

With the shift to etrainu, Hockey Australia now utilises their online assessment tool, which means the days of paper assessment forms are gone!

Learners can now expect to have their assessments completed online by an accredited assessor.

Hockey Australia recognises all existing HockeyEd Accreditations in our new framework. 

You can find out where your existing accreditation sits in the new framework via the graphic below:

If you have accessed the new HockeyEd platform, and have noticed that your existing accreditation has not transferred over, you can request to have it added via the button below.

With the release of our new framework, Hockey Australia has changed the duration that accreditations are valid.

Existing Accreditations

All accreditations awarded before the 18th of January 2023 are valid for 4 years from the date of completion.

New Accreditations

All accreditations awarded from the 18th of January 2023 are valid for 3 years from the date of completion.

Hockey Australia has made these changes with the aim of encouraging our community to engage with learning opportunities on a more frequent basis.

Hockey Australia recognises the prior learning of members of the community.

Prospective learners can apply for an RCC for Development Level Education and above. RCC cannot be requested for Foundation Level Education.

Learners will be required to submit a resume of relevant experience, supporting education certifications and references for their experience.

The Recognition of Current Competency process is as follows:

  1. Write a resume of relevant experience in your selected area.
  2. Collate as much supporting information as possible, such as certificates, references, letters of support and receipts of payment for learning.
  3. Complete your payment of $50.00 AUD, this is to cover administrative fees and the duration of your accreditation. Payments can be made here:
  4. Apply for your RCC by submitting your resume, supporting material and receipt of payment. Follow this link:
  5. Hockey Australia will then review your application. If successful, you will be notified via email and your accreditation added to your HockeyEd account.
  6. All unsuccessful applicants will be required to resubmit their application. Payments are only valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.


Participants can renew their accreditation as a part of the learning process. There are two methods of renewal, depending on when you completed your accreditation and through which model. Please read carefully below:

Method 1 – Old HockeyEd Model

If you have an accreditation that was earned using the old HockeyEd model (e.g., Paper Practical Assessment for a Level 1 Coach) you can renew this accreditation by undertaking your accreditations respective practical assessment, completing your renewal payment, and then submitting your renewal via the link below.

Accreditations earned using the old HockeyEd model, and that were awarded before the 18th of January 2023 are valid for 4 years. Once your existing accreditation is renewed, it will be valid for 3 years in line with the new HockeyEd model.

The renewal process for accreditations earned using the old HockeyEd model are as follows:

  1. Contact your State or Territory Association to organise a practical assessment for your respective accreditation. A list of contacts can be found here:
  2. Once you have completed your practical assessment, keep a copy of your signed and completed Practical Competency Checklist and record a digital copy of it (e.g., take a photo or scan the document)
  3. Complete your payment of $50.00 AUD, this is to cover administrative fees and the duration of your accreditation. Payments can be made here:
  4. Save a copy of your receipt of payment.
  5. Apply for a renewal of an accreditation using the following link:
  6. Hockey Australia will then review your application. If successful, you will be notified via email and your accreditation will be updated in your HockeyEd account.

It needs to be noted that accreditations that have expired before the 31st of December 2020 cannot be renewed and that the learner must re-complete the respective accreditation.

More information on existing accreditation can be found via the above statement.

Method 2 – New HockeyEd Model

Accreditations earned using the new HockeyEd model grant learners their accreditation for 3 years.

Hockey Australia is currently reviewing the renewal process for accreditations earned in the new HockeyEd Model.

For more information please contact us at

If you are unsure which HockeyEd model your accreditation is from, please contact us at and we will support you through the process.