Australian Women's Masters Teams

Each year at the Australian Championships, Australian teams are selected for each age division to contest the following year’s scheduled international events.  Where nomination numbers permit, Australia A teams will also be selected.

The Masters World Cup is played bi-annually in even years and the Trans-Tasman tournament against New Zealand is played in the off years.

Australian teams have had great success at both the Trans-Tasman Challenge event and World Cups with many teams taking home gold medals over the years.

To see the players selected to represent Australia at past and future tournaments, click on the relevant link below.  Some 2024 World Cup teams appear incomplete.  Shadow players have been or will be contacted in regard to a position in these teams.  If you believe there is an error in any team - advise

2024 World Cup Women's Teams  updated June 2024
2024 World Cup Women's Masters Australia A Teams updated 4/3/2024
2023 Oceania Trans Tasman Masters Hockey Challenge Women's Teams
2020 Australian Women's Teams World Cups Nottingham, Cape Town (did not compete due to Covid)
2019 Trans Tasman Challenge Teams, Gold Coast
2018 Women's Masters World Cup Teams
2017 Trans Tasman Challenge Women's Teams, Whangarei, NZ
2017 Women's Masters European & UK Tour Teams
2016 Australian Women's World Cup Teams, Canberra. (including 35+ Hawkes Bay Festival NZ)
2015 Trans Tasman Challenge Teams, Melbourne 
2014 Australian Women's Teams, Aldershot UK, Fiji, World Cup, Rotterdam
2013 Women's Masters European Tour Teams
2013 Trans Tasman Challenge Women's Teams, Auckland, NZ
2012 Australian Women's Teams, Canterbury, UK
2012 Australian Women's Team, Fiji
2011 Australian Women's Teams, Gold Coast Invitational
2010 Australian Women's Team, Nottingham, UK
2010 Trans Tasman Challenge Women's Teams, Newcastle
2009 Australian Women's Teams, Tri Series v NZ
2008 Trans Tasman Challenge Women's Teams, Hamilton, NZ
2007 Australian Women's Team, Birmingham, UK
2006 Trans Tasman Challenge Women's Teams, Hobart
2005 Australian Women's Teams, Sunshine Coast & Melbourne
2004 Trans Tasman Challenge Women's Teams, Wellington, NZ
2003 IMHT Australian Women's Team Auckland, NZ
2002 Trans Tasman Challenge Women's Teams, Brisbane
2001 IMHT Australian Women's Team, Singapore
2000 Trans Tasman Challenge Women's Teams, Auckland, NZ 
1996-1999 Australian Women's Teams

Women's Positions

Hockey Australia Masters provides Position Descriptions for both its Executive and also Team management positions. They are provided to assist you with knowing exactly what is required should you be interested in nominating for any of these. Please ensure that you read them carefully prior to applying and make contact with us if you have any queries. Each of the Position Descriptions can be found via the relevant button below.

Coach Assistant Coach Selector Team Manager Massage Therapist