Hockey Australia Masters Committee

Masters hockey in Australia is coordinated by the Hockey Australia Masters Committee (HAMC) whose purpose is to provide effective governance and recognise and advance the social and health aspects inherent in hockey at masters level.

Hockey Australia Masters Committee is tasked by Hockey Australia to deliver One Masters hockey opportunities for players to be involved in community to elite level competitions for players aged 34+ across Australia and at World Masters level. One Masters also provides officiating opportunities for Umpires and Technical Officials. The officiating pathways include interstate and overseas travel for those who are appropriately skilled and qualified.

One Masters: 
One Masters hockey culture takes into account the uniqueness of our game with its gender balance and inclusive, family friendly sub culture, built on friendships that encourage, guide and retain high numbers of participants. 

Masters Hockey is seen as a continuation of the playing and/or officiating journey and builds on the tenets of passion, participation, performance and partnerships.

There are currently seven members of HAMC: Chair, Finance, Admin & Communications, Convenor Events & Officiating Pillar Group, National Teams Pillar Group, Commercial & Growth Pillar Group, and Member Association (MA) CEO Representative.

MA Delegates:
Each Member Association annually endorses a Men’s and Women’s Delegate to provide a point of contact for masters communications in their member associations. Important masters communication from HAMC is shared through Delegates regularly.

Delegates will meet together with HAMC at least annually to exchange views and information including masters strategic initiatives, operations and regional topics.

HAMC Committee Members

Sue Briggs headshot

Matthew Trounce

Michael Jeffriess

Gail headshot

Gail Lomas
Administration &






Damian Smith (TAS)

Nicola Ogden
Events & Officiating
Pillar Group

Joel Cuming
National Teams
Pillar Group

Pat Donato
Commercial & Growth
Pillar Group






Pat Hall
HA Board Member
(Ex Officio)


HAMC Contact Information

Matthew Trounce
Michael Jeffriess
Gail Lomas
Nicola Ogden
Joel Cuming
Pat Donato
(MA CEO Rep) Email MA CEO Rep


Pillar Group Members

Events & Officiating

Nicola Ogden Convenor
Nola Bezant Administration Officer, 
Events & Officiating 
Pillar Group
(to be activated by 24/05/24)
Simon Thresher    
Bill Allen    
Sarah Stroeher    
Sam Cutrale    
Allen Schasser    
Courtney Pearson    


National Teams

Joel Cuming Convenor
Brad Galgon Administration Officer,
National Teams
Pillar Group
(to be activated by 24/05/24)
Jess  Bingley    
Brett Rollason    
Carol Sheridan    
Gary Porteous    
Peter Gaggin    


Growth & Promotion

Pat Donato Convenor Email Convenor
Chris Harper    
Dean Lomax    
Robert Behets    
Corrine Bowen    
Cheryl Phillips    


Member Association (MA) Masters Delegates

Men's Delegates

State First Name Last Name
WA Scott Macdonald
TAS Peter Gaggin
SA Mike Anderson
WAC Mike Jenkins
ACT Craig Johnston
NT Clayton Archer
QLD Paul Hardie
VIC Bill West
NSW Kevin Beaton

Women's Delegates

State First Name Last Name
SA Rebecca Anderson
QLD Belle Davis
WA Jill Van Duuren
NT Lou Goriss
NSW Christine Cannon
ACT Nicole Wicks
VIC Christine Henderson
TAS Helen Rackham