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Masters hockey is one of the largest areas of growth of the game in Australia. Playing Masters does not mean you need to have ‘mastered’ the craft of playing hockey.

There are local competitions and social hockey opportunities available (for everyone aged 34 and over) in every Australian state/territory. In some regions, competitions are specifically tailored to the climate and needs of players and start at the age of 30.

Each region, state and territory offer different grades and levels of Masters competition, so it is worth contacting your local club or association to find out what options are available.

Nationally, everyone aged 34 and older is considered to be of Masters age. The Hockey Australia Masters Championships are contested every year between representative teams from each state and territory over 9-12 days of competition.

Men’s and Women’s national championships are usually run as separate events due to their size and popularity. The masters championships are the largest participation events on the Australian hockey calendar.

Played in incremental five year age groups starting at 34+ age group, the masters championships are a great opportunity to play against people of a similar age (34+, 40+, 45+ through to 70+ in women and to 80+ in men) and to refresh friendships with masters from your own state as well as those from other states.

Additionally, for two years pre-covid, national Masters Indoor Hockey Invitational events have been conducted in masters age groups for men and women.  Hockey Australia Masters are looking to re-introduce Masters Indoor hockey into the calendar as soon as possible.

Masters hockey in Australia is coordinated by Hockey Australia Masters Committee (HAMC), which is a subcommittee of Hockey Australia.

The main purpose of the HAMC is to provide effective governance for masters hockey and to recognise and advance the social and health aspects inherent in hockey at masters level.  The tenets of HAMC are participation, performance, passion and partnerships.

HAMC working with Hockey Australia is responsible for running successful national championships, sourcing international competition and ensuring the best teams are selected to represent Australia.

The latest information about Hockey Australia Masters can be found on the official Facebook page and Instagram.

For more information about your local masters hockey competition please contact your state/territory member association or visit our club finder to find your nearest hockey club or association.

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