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Hockey Australia launches all-new Concussion & Injury Reporting Tool

Published Thu 09 May 2024

Hockey Australia is proud to announce the launch of its latest initiative to enhance the safety and well-being of the hockey community. 

The new Concussion and Injury Reporting Tool was unveiled today and is designed to simplify and streamline the reporting of concussion and injury incidents. 

The tool is fully integrated with hockey’s online sports management platform, revolutioniseSPORT and is accessible to anyone within the hockey community to report concussions and injuries. No logins or passwords are required.

The tool is effective immediately and can be accessed directly from HA’s website homepage at and on all state and territory Member Association websites.

The new tool marks a significant step forward in HA's ongoing commitment to prioritising participant safety and well-being. Additionally, by streamlining the process, we hope improved data and insights capabilities will inform data-driven decision-making and support us to continually improve in areas such as injury prevention by implementing new and revised safety protocols, equipment, and rules.

HA encourages all members of the hockey community to use the tool to promptly report all concussions and injuries, adhere to the return to play protocol in the national Concussion Policy and, where necessary, ensure a timely referral of all concussions and injuries to a medical professional as soon as possible after the injury for assessment and treatment.

Click below to read more about Hockey Australia's Concussion Policy and insurance claim process.

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