"It's a bit of a love story for me" - Hockeyroos star Penny Squibb celebrates 50 against Argentina

Published Fri 31 May 2024

In a silver lining to the Hockeyroos 5-0 loss to Argentina, Tambellup's Penny Squibb celebrated her 50th match for the Hockeyroos, five years after her debut in November 2018.

Returning to international competition at the FIH Pro League for the first time this year after recovering from injury, Penny's 50th milestone is extra special and an occasion she won't forget, despite the tough result.

"It's definitely been a while!" Penny exclaimed post-match.

"I think about it pretty much every game I play, it's like I'm that little kid back in Tambellup playing on the grass fields... I don't think that girl would have believed that this was going to happen, I always hoped it would but at the end of the day I turn up to training every day because I love hockey... to turn up today and play with the girls out here it's, yeah, it's a bit of a love story for me."

Reflecting on the full circle moment when she first got to wear green and gold on her debut against Argentina in China in 2018, Penny says that feeling never changes. 

"It's still a game of hockey, the same dimensions and yeah I get to wear the green and gold, which is extra special. The first time I wore it it was one of those surreal moments and it still is every time you stand out in the middle of the field with the girls."

Trying to relish every moment over in Europe, Penny says her mum and dad, her sister and brother and her partner have all sent her messages, including photos of when she was a little girl playing hockey but she's not getting too sentimental.

"It's a nice personal milestone and achievement but I think this year we've got some bigger things that we're focusing towards and that's where my mindset is... I'm just trying to put my best foot forward play our game, play a team game and work towards the Olympics."

As for the Hockeyroos here in Belgium, Penny says they didn't stick to their known Australian style of play.

"We had patches where we were definitely on top. They played well, but I think we also allowed them to play well... It's disappointing. But we'll go away and we'll review quite heavily and we'll come out in the next game stronger and look for a better result."

The Hockeyroos will enjoy a day to rest and recover before facing a re-match against Argentina and Belgium in back-to-back matches over Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

Hockeyroos v Argentina
Hockeyroos: 0
Argentina: 5 (Stefania Antoniazzi 21' (FG), Lara Casas 41' (PC), Maria Granatto 46' (PC), Eugenia Trinchinetti 50' (FG), Augustina Gorzelany 54' (PS))
In Antwerp, Belgium

Hockeyroos: 1. Claire Colwill, 3. Brooke Peris, 4. Amy Lawton, 6. Penny Squibb, 8. Maddi Brooks, 17. Lucy Sharman, 18. Jane Claxton (c), 19. Jocelyn Bartram (gk), 21. Renee Taylor, 24. Mariah Williams, 29. Rebecca Greiner, 2. Rosie Malone, 7. Aleisha Power, 12. Greta Hayes, 14. Stephanie Kershaw, 15. Kaitlin Nobbs, 20. Karri Somerville, 22. Tatum Stewart