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Join hundreds of Clubs, Associations and Organisations delivering Hookin2Hockey around Australia!

Why become a Provider?

Hockey Australia encourages all Clubs, Associations, Schools and organisations to adopt Hookin2Hockey as a part of their program delivery. Signing up to be a Hookin2Hockey Provider is completely FREE! Some of the benefits of becoming a provider are:


Provider Information

The moment you register as a provider and lock in your program, Hockey Australia will begin work on marketing your program!

Our marketing gurus will take your programs postcode, and kick off a paid advertising campaign to people within your area. Our campaigns promote Hookin2Hockey to prospective families within the community and encourage them to get on board with your program.

Don't worry if you can't see any marketing on your personal social media feeds! Our clever marketing team is making sure that your program is being promoted to people who are yet to participate or get involved with hockey! So if you are already involved with the game, it's likely our promotion won't end up in your feed.

If you would like more information or would like data on how your marketing campaign is progressing, please email

Your Program, One Brand.

Hookin2Hockey is designed to allow for you to tailor your program, so it works for you and your community. 

Whether you are running a one-off come-and-try session, or looking to run a 12-week program, the Hookin2Hockey brand is there for you to use to help promote our great game!

If you would like some tips & tricks on getting your program up and running, get in touch! One of our friendly staff members will organise a time with you to talk through getting started.

Keep an eye on this page for information and resources which are soon to come.

All Hookin2Hockey Providers are able to access free education on HockeyEd!

If you are keen to upskill your hockey knowledge, or learn a thing or two about running amazing junior programs, head on over to HockeyEd and have a go at our Hookin2Hockey short course!

Hockey Australia will continue to add new material to HockeyEd each year, so be sure to keep an eye out.

To access HockeyEd, head over to our Get Started Guide here:

Need a hand?

The team at Hockey Australia are always here to help! If you aren't sure where to start or would like more information on running a program, get in touch!

Our team will make time with you either over the phone or via an online meeting to work through your questions and provide you with the support you need.

To lock in a time with our friendly staff, email