Statement regarding the participation of Hockey Australia in the FIH Pro League

Published Thu 04 Apr 2024

Following the recent update in September last year regarding the future participation of Hockey Australia in the FIH Pro League – the Hockey Australia Board has committed to the upcoming seasons six (2024/25), seven (2025/26) and eight (2026/27) of the FIH Pro League.

The decision comes after Hockey Australia expressed its concerns to the FIH regarding the current model of the Pro League last year. FIH President, Tayyab Ikram recently visited Australia as part of his commitment to the development of hockey globally. Hockey Australia CEO, David Pryles commended the show of faith by the FIH President to the growth of hockey worldwide and the strong relationship Hockey Australia continues to build under his tenure saying there is a renewed sign of confidence in the FIH by Hockey Australia.

Hockey Australia looks forward to showcasing our beloved Hockeyroos and Kookaburras on home soil more often over the coming years.

About the FIH Pro League
The FIH Pro League is a global hockey competition organised by the International Hockey Federation (FIH). The League in its current format was first launched in 2019 and features hockey’s best national men’s and women’s hockey teams from across the world. Changes were made from the 2022-23 season, which sees matches now played in “mini-tournaments” where several teams gather in one venue to play two matches against each other. The team with the
highest number of points at the end of the League is crowned Champion, while the team that finishes last is relegated and replaced by the winner of the FIH Hockey Nations Cup. The FIH Pro League brings added value to the player pathway as an incentive for growth, an outlet to celebrate and build the profiles of our national heroes, with opportunities to boost commercial appeal and audiences through media, broadcast and other channels.

More information about the FIH Pro League is here.